Wednesday, September 2, 2009


How many wines can you have in just one Bag-in-Box??
With BIPARTITO, you can have a different wine everyday!

Casa Santos Lima has created a totally new concept of Bag-in-Box.
With one single package (one BIB), you can have several kinds of different wines… How?

BIPARTITO is a totally new and innovative concept of Bag-in-Box!
With a world launching scheduled for September in Norway, BIPARTITO is a double Bag-In-Box!

With BIPARTITO you have the possibility to enjoy, on its own, two different wines and also, by blending them, to discover and develop your oenologist skills.

With BIPARTITO you can make your own blends with different percentages of each variety and, by comparing them with your friends, decide who the best oenologist is.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


To help you in the creative process of blending the best wine, here are some of the main characteristics of each variety:


One of the most grown red varieties in Portugal.
This grape produces bright ruby wines, with fruity and intense red fruit aromas and flavours.
This wine is medium-bodied, with good balanced acidity and persistence on the palate.
This particular wine has aged four months in Portuguese oak barrels.
When blended, it provides freshness and fruitiness.


It's the noblest of Portuguese red varieties.
This grape produces dark coloured wines, full bodied with good structure and firm, elegant tannins.
Its warm aromas are soft and fruity. It has ripe wild berry, violets, flavours and its complexity, it's enhanced by four months ageing in Portuguese oak barrels.
When blended, it provides good structure, nice tannins and complexity.